Jabbar Raisani began his film career at the age of 17 working at a visual effects studio in San Antonio, TX. In2004, he moved to LA to work at Stan Winston Studio where he was the CG Supervisor on projects including iron MAN and FANTASTIC 4. He then teamed up with Robert Rodriguez as the on-set VFX Supervisor on the feature films MACHETE and PREDATORS and supervised the digital modeling of Superman's live-action suit for Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL.

Jabbar has won two Emmys for VFX Supervision on Game of Thrones– his first in 2013 and his second in2015.

And his film talent run deep. In 2014, IFC Films released Jabbar’s directorial debut ALIEN OUTPOST, which he also co-wrote, and his latest short, BLACK KNIGHT DECODED, starring David Oyelowo and Freida Pinto, was viewed over 10 million times worldwide in its first month alone.

He was also 2nd Unit Director on WB's The Flash, HBO's pilot The Devil You Know(directed by Gus Van Sant/ created by Jenji Kohan), and Game of Thrones – Season 5.

Jabbar is currently developing projects for film and television.