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• 4/22/2018

Dude that robot is hot af

Yeah so yeah.
What is ur reaction to my statement
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• 4/12/2018

It's all about the Robot

One of the most interesting characters from the old days may well have been its robot. After all, the iconic phrase, "Danger, Will Robinson!" was the robot's catchphrase — not something uttered by one of its humans.

Like the sixties version, it's the Robot that looks set to be a scene stealer, at least according to this article:


What do you think? Are you intrigued? Or have there been so many "iconic" robots in the years since LOST IN SPACE debuted that you just don't care?
'Lost in Space' reboots ditches campy fun for thriller drama
'Lost in Space' reboots ditches campy fun for thriller drama CNET
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• 4/12/2018

Checking out the past version of the show

Don't know much about the 1960s version of LOST IN SPACE? Don't worry, you don't need to go back in a time machine. The NETFLIX version holds up on its own. But if you're curious, check out this overview of the first time America said, "Danger, Will Robinson!"

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• 4/12/2018

Who's your favorite character?

Of all the peeps on LOST IN SPACE, who's your fave?
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